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Our Story

During 1917, in the Rock Fort City of Trichy, a Trading house was formed in the name of M/s. T.P.R.Gopalswamy Naidu & Company, dealing with aromatic chemicals, raw materials for various aroma and Personal care products by the founder - Sri. T.P.R Gopalswamy Naidu. Over a period, the company developed as the development centre for the inception of various fragrance compounds for the other budding manufacturers of incense. 


After the demise of the founder, his son Mr. T.P.R.Santhanam Naidu succeeded. Being a child prodigy, he had a canny knack for identifying new product concepts and related business opportunities. In 1950, Mr Santhanam invented the Dasangam Powder, which is still widely used in most hawans & homams as the main ingredient. In the 1960’s he introduced another revolutionary concept - a natural long-lasting perfumery powder meant for use on the body - The Javadhu Powder. Subsequently, niche products like neeradal podi (Bath Powder) were conceptualised which later blossomed as Kangaroo Kasturi which is still a prominent name in Indian households. 


In the late 1970's when the country was going through the golden era of businesses, the sons -Mr. S. Gopi, (Late) Mr. S.Ramesh & Mr. S. Balaji, the present leaders of the business, both veterans in the art of perfumery & blending, mastered the art of blending aroma into quality products with distinction and flair joined the business. Their timeless effort soared the business to new heights by introducing products such as Agarbathis, Dhoop Sticks, Loban Cups & Speciality Products.

The company slowly blossomed into a manufacturing hub for various fragrance products and raw materials. During the year 1999, M/S TPRG Fragrances formulated as a family business carrying its founder & his pristine heritage legacy. In the year 2000, the Kangaroo Brand was launched. In a span of few years, the Kangaroo Brand turned out to be a rockstar brand with a wide range of products catering to various tastes & likings. After a few years of success, it emerged to be one of India's leading incense manufacturers & exporters. 


In the Centenary year of 2017, the next generation of the family - Mr. Praghadeshkar Ramesh, A Chemical engineer with a masters in business management joined the business. Since then the Company started focussing on the new changes & challenges in the information age. This included the trend of Globalization, Digital Marketing / E-Commerce / Online Trading. As a part of the exercise, in 2019 the new generation decided to give the Company's umbrella brand a renaissance and launched the brand "GN1917" marking the 100 years of legacy. 

 Today GN1917 is one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of incense & fragrance components in India. It also stands as a source of employment for 1000+ families. We share enthusiasm in acquiring local talent and empowering them to practise global manufacturing techniques. 

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